EF@IRL: Meagan Streader

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Meagan Streader

Meet the artists presented in Electrofringe @ IRL, an interactive exhibition of electronic art exploring the connections between the virtual and real, and taking place at the Brisbane Powerhouse from May 7 – 17. 


Meagan Streader is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Brisbane. Her work is expressed through large-scale, site-specific installations that give rise to natural atmospheres and systems by redefining conventional spaces, objects and materials through multifaceted organic transformations.



Enrichment Centre

“Enrichment Centre” descends with the stairs to the lower ground of the Powerhouse, entangling audiences in a vortex of light and sound. Reminiscent of the landscape from the video game Portal and feminist sci-fi film Teknolust, this work explores the concept of future worlds, mixing together geometric polyscapes and elements from various science fiction worlds that deal with the concept of artificial intelligence and ideas of life and ‘spaces’ in the future.

enrichment centre
Enrichment Centre: Work in Progress