EF@IRL: Warren Armstrong

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Meet the artists presented in Electrofringe @ IRL, an interactive exhibition of electronic art exploring the connections between the virtual and real, and taking place at the Brisbane Powerhouse from May 7 – 17. 


Warren Armstrong is a new media artist and the curator of (Un)seen Sculptures, an exhibition of international 3D augmented reality art that was staged in Sydney, Melbourne & Cairns in 2011, as part of Sydney Art Month in March 2012, in Port Macquarie in 2014, and in Bega in 2015. He has worked with composer Amanda Cole to turn Twitter updates into religious hymns, collaborated with Sydney artist Andrew Burrell on an interactive installation that generates augmented reality “life forms”, created a series of “magic postcards” that deliver location-specific recordings of performance poetry to mobile devices, and is the director of The Spectral Committee, a series of telephonic ghost story summonings that have been staged in Sydney and regional NSW. In 2013, he was part of the Underbelly Arts Festival where he collaborated with visual artist Susie Williams on Forms of Thought, an installation that translated brainwave readings of festival visitors into 3D printed leaves. The installation was subsequently exhibited as part of an Electrofringe showcase in Newcastle. Most recently, he has worked as the mobile app developer on the Wild Food Map, an online portal / community site for urban foragers.

The Drawing Room

This experimental interactive installation allows drawings to be done in “thin air”. Put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a Kinekt motion sensor will track the movements of your hands as you draw in the air, translating your movements into a 3D picture you can move through.