EF@IRL: Caitlin Franzmann

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Meet the artists presented in Electrofringe @ IRL, an interactive exhibition of electronic art exploring the connections between the virtual and real, and taking place at the Brisbane Powerhouse from May 7 – 17. 


Caitlin is interested in the affective potential of architecture, art and technology. In reaction to the fast-paced nature and overstimulation of contemporary urban life, Caitlin uses light, sound and constructed spaces within spaces to encourage slowness, curiosity and social interaction. Her work is often participatory and intimate in nature, inviting the viewer to touch the work, enter into interactive sonic spaces or to engage in open dialogue and energy exchange. Her work is an invitation to oscillate between interior and exterior space, the concrete and cosmic.


Held Together, Drawn Apart

Sitting around the table is a familiar social ritual, but here the experience is altered and enhanced with this custom made, circular glass top table, where sound is conducted as vibration using tactility transducer technology. Rather than converse verbally with your fellow table sitters, rest your head on the table to hear sound emanate from the glass. The noise you hear is a series of vibrations transferred through the skull and picked up by the inner ear. Such technology is currently used for hearing aids, advertising on trains, Google glasses and alternative headphones.