Drop-dead simple MIDI controllers with Arduino

1.30-4.30pm, Fri 30th Sept
The Arduino has been one of the great success stories of the “Maker Movement”. Unlike embedded microcontrollers that came before it, it is actually pleasant to use! Created by designers, not programmers, the Arduino lowers the barrier to producing custom interactive electronic projects.

As Open Hardware, other parties are welcome to create their own “Arduino Clones” and “Arduino Shields” to expand the platform. Libraries and tutorials are available for nearly every conceivable use!

In this workshop, two members of the Make Hack Void Hackerspace aim to show how simple and powerful Arduino projects can be. This workshop is for people who are interested (although not necessarily experienced) in Arduinos, gadgets, interactive art and/or physical computing.

We will be building a simple USB MIDI controller which takes inputs from the real world, based on an Arduino clone board. We’ll show you how the basic electronics work, and how to program the Arduino for simple MIDI control behaviour. No experience necessary.

If you have a laptop then please bring it along to run the Arduino IDE and also to use as a MIDI device.

NOTE: Limited places, bookings essential.

Angus Gratton & Adam Thomas

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