The Hackerspace Movement

1-2pm, Sat 1st Oct
In the past few years, Hackerspaces have sprung up in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide. Born from a world-wide movement, Hack- erspaces are communities of makers, hackers, artists and enthusiasts. Members come together to work on art & technology projects, share ideas & knowledge, and host workshops & tutorials.

In Canberra, Make Hack Void has rapidly evolved from talking on the internet, to talking in a pub, to talking in a food court, to talking in a different pub, talking in a school, and finally to having their own real life Hackerspace workshop (amazingly, they’re even still talking to each other!)

Two MHV members will relate their experience kickstarting a community, ex- plain what Hackerspaces are and what happens there, persuade you to get in- volved or start your own, and show how you might do that.

Angus Gratton & Adam Thomas

Elderly Citizens’ Centre

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