My robot has more artistic integrity than I do

3-4pm, Sun 2nd Oct
This presentation focuses on the overlap between fine arts and engineering, specifically in the hobbyist, hacker and electronics community.

We will be exploring the motivations and inspirations of members of the Canberra Hackerspace, a community workshop where members have access to tools and resources for researching and developing personal and group projects.

Many of our members work in the IT industry and have little to no background (or even interest) in contemporary art. Nevertheless, many of our members produce work which could be mistaken for art. We will present some projects that we believe blur the line between craftsmanship and art, with varying degrees of artistic intent.

Using these examples we will discuss how our members see their work, how the community sees their work, and where they draw inspiration from. We will also talk about how our community influences work, and ask how Hackerspaces might attract greater numbers of artists, and encourage more conscious artistic expression.

Angus Gratton & Adam Thomas

Elderly Citizens’ Centre

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