Joe Mariglio

Joe Mariglio is a sound artist who often explores alternative forms of narrative, kitsch, and masculinity with his work. He typically uses techniques associated with popular music in subversive, unexpected contexts. He enjoys blurring the line that separates popular music from the avant-garde. He is currently working towards a PhD in Computer Music under the watchful eye of Miller Puckette at UCSD. He is also a dedicated teacher, often performing alongside children in experimental music ensembles he and his colleagues run. His work is cinematic, aggressive, and playful. He performs using homemade sound-sculptures, in conjunction with custom software tools he had developed. His recent output weaves such techniques as improvisation, field recording, granulation, self-similarity, microtonality and polyrhythm into a lattice of relentlessly experimental, surprisingly accessible sonic events.

Joe Mariglio Artist Talk
Electrobinge: a showcase
Song Birds
Song Birds

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